Deli’s Near Addison

Why choose a Deli?

Deli’s offer a fresher menu in comparison to fast food chains. The food is rarely deep fried like fast food restaurants and is made fresh everyday. Menus vary according to each deli. Another great thing about a deli is that each one has a different culture. You get the opportunity to try different homemade traditional recipes.

  • Their food is made fresh and from scratch
  • Use their own unique and original recipes
  • Provides excellent customer service, keeping customers coming back
  • Customer-employee relationships



The Culture of a Deli

A delicatessen or deli is a retail establishment that sells unique or foreign foods. They originated in Germany during the early 1700s then came to the United States in the 1800s. Delicatessen is a German word. In German it was actually a French word, délicatesse, meaning delicious things.  It wasn’t until 1954 that the Americanized term “deli” was used. The first deli in the United States was in New York City.

In the United States a delicatessen is often combined with a grocery store and sometimes a restaurant. Delis offer fresher food than fast food restaurants and rarely is the food fried. They serve hot foods, cold cuts, pastas, salads, and prepare party trays. Some delis have seating while others are just a take-out restaurant, and some have both. Menus vary depending on the location of the deli and the cultural tradition it has.

In Europe delicatessen means high-quality and expensive stores. In German they mean “fine foods.” In Europe they are seen as luxury markets. Some delis have food from other countries that you cannot find in a local food or grocery store. Some parts of Russia have US-style delis that include salads and main courses, and meats and cheeses. The cold-cuts are served in another section similar to a sandwich shop. In France a delicatessen is called a traiteur.


Serino’s Deli in Addison

Come to Serino’s Deli where the roots of Italian cooking go as far back as ancient Rome. Serino’s Deli has been in business for over 22 years and their Italian cooking is always delicious, filling, and fresh. Every recipe is homemade from previous generations. Serino’s Deli has an extensive menu that includes hot sandwiches, grilled panini, Mediterranean inspired salads, Italian beef, sausage, soups, pastas with a variety homemade sauces, and brick oven pizza. Their homemade salami, called “soppressate,” has become another favorite.  Serino’s Deli has become so popular that they’re even now offering shipping throughout the country.

They have acquired a very loyal client base. At Serino’s Deli you aren’t just getting delicious fresh food, you are getting excellent customer service while building relationships with our employees. They have several regular customers that they know by name. In this day and age of chains and brand names, personal service leaves a lasting impression.

Enjoy the warmth and tradition of Italian cuisine at Serino’s Deli. They have Daily Lunch Specials that you do not want to miss out on! Enjoy Serino’s Deli by dinning-in at the restaurant or bringing it back home. They even offer catering for birthdays, special events, business meetings, and other events. Serino’s catering options include: Party Packs, Entrees, Pasta, Salads, Meat and Cheese Tray, Party Trays, and Desserts! Call Serino’s Deli for more information on how they can cater your next event.

They are located at 1720 West Army Trail Road in Addison, just east of I-355. You can call in your order at 630-620-2662. Hours are Monday-Friday 5am-8pm and Saturday 9am-5pm. For a more detailed list of their menu you can click here.